Month: July 2017

Wait, Canada Doesn’t Rule the Internet?

Remember that worldwide injunction the Supreme Court of Canada upheld against Google? See Worldwide Injunction OK’d by SCC. Well, round four just started. This time in the United States. The Supreme Court of Canada is not the last court of… Read More ›

Prosecuting Deceptive Privacy Practices, FTC Weights in on Security, Cybersecurity and Event Planning

Here are this week’s suggestions for summertime weekend reading resources! Using Consumer Protection Statutes to Protect Privacy: Most Canadian provincial consumer protection statutes prohibit false, misleading or deceptive representations (see e.g. s. 14 -17) of the Ontario Consumer Protection Act)…. Read More ›

NAFTA and Privacy

On July 17, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued a Summary of Objectives for the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement among Canada, the United States and Mexico (NAFTA). There are a number of objectives that could… Read More ›

Government Disruption of Fintech

The Canadian government is proposing an oversight framework that could result in significant disruption to the innovation taking place in Canadian financial technology. The public is invited to comment on the proposed “New Retail Payments Oversight Framework” by October 6,… Read More ›

Updated Drone Regulations for Recreational Use!

Canadian recreational drone enthusiasts believed that the the Canadian Government’s March 2017 interim regulations regarding the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) were too restrictive. The Canadian government has listened with amendments to the interim regulations announced July 15, 2017…. Read More ›

Food Truck Wars at the Competition Bureau

Are the folks over at Canada’s Competition Bureau unhappy with their choices of local restaurants? Possibly – they sure do take a swipe at their host (the City of Gatineau, Quebec) in a recent report on food trucks. What is… Read More ›

Where did I agree to that? The problem of incorporation by reference

There are many reasons for incorporating provisions by reference in consumer contracts. For example, terms of service may make reference to rules for the acceptable use of the services. A purchase agreement may reference a separate document explaining refunds or… Read More ›

Advertising to Children, Invite-a-Friend, and the State of Consent – Friday Files

Looking for some weekend reading to catch up on developments? Here are three noteworthy developments and blog posts to consider. Marketing to Children? The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has released a welcome guide to complying with the U.S. Children’s Online… Read More ›

Update on “All-In” Travel Industry Pricing

The Ontario government is proposing to extend the “all-in pricing” rule to cover travel agents and wholesalers located outside of Ontario who target their advertising of travel services to Ontarians. Since January 1, 2017, travel agents and wholesalers located in… Read More ›