Wait, Canada Doesn’t Rule the Internet?

Remember that worldwide injunction the Supreme Court of Canada upheld against Google? See Worldwide Injunction OK’d by SCC.

Well, round four just started. This time in the United States. The Supreme Court of Canada is not the last court of resort after all when dealing with who gets to block what on the Internet. Google has sought an injunction from the US District Court in Northern California to prevent enforcement of the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgment complaining that the Canadian courts “issued a novel worldwide order against Google, restricting what information an American company can provide to people inside of the United States and around the world.”

Google argues that the Canadian court failed to abide by the principles of international comity by  placing “the Canadian court in the position of supervising the law enforcement activities of a foreign sovereign nation (the United States) against the United States’ own citizens on American soil.” Google argues that the order violates the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and erodes its immunity under the US Communications Decency Act.

You can find the complaint and the story over at Law.com.


Categories: Injunctions, Privacy


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