Month: November 2018

Tips for handling a breach like a pro: part two

Last week, I participated to a lively LexisNexis Canada webinar on “How to Handle a Data Breach Like a Pro.” The webinar is free and archived for you to view. Last Wednesday, I posted the first 3 of 10 Pro… Read More ›

Two questions the Doug Ford government should ask Waterfront Toronto

The smart city data governance and intellectual property issues facing  Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs are complex. Recently, I have been throwing out a few questions and thoughts about this project. In this post, I’m offering two questions that Ontario’s… Read More ›

Tips for handling a data breach like a pro: part one

Yesterday, I was lucky to present to a very engaged audience participating in LexisNexis Canada’s “How to Handle a Data Breach Like a Pro“.  Don’t forget to send your questions. We will be posting a Q&A shortly. No questions will… Read More ›

Three questions that Waterfront Toronto should ask Sidewalk Labs

Google-affiliate Sidewalk Labs continues to press its vision for a “civic data trust” to govern data collected from its Sidewalk Toronto project (assuming the project goes ahead). Here are three questions, Waterfront Toronto should be asking Sidewalk Labs. 1. Why… Read More ›

Outsourcing and criminal record check requirements

Earlier this week, I posted an update about the coming into force of the Ontario Police Record Checks Reform Act. With increasing frequency, Canadian employers are conducting criminal records checks on job applicants. There are numerous reasons why employers conduct… Read More ›

Police records check law now in force in Ontario with last-minute changes

On November 1, 2018, the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 (Ontario) came into force with little fanfare. There was a last-minute change that has important procedural implications and limits the situations in which “double consent” is required from the… Read More ›

Statistics Canada – A failure of contextual integrity

It isn’t about whether Statistics Canada has a legal right to compel data about Canadians from financial institutions and credit reporting agencies. It isn’t about whether Statistics Canada has a good cybersecurity track record. It isn’t about whether the data… Read More ›

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