More about me

My professional interests relate to consumer law (privacy, security, consumer protection, advertising and marketing) and IT law generally. This website is my personal website where I post items of interest to me. The posts and ideas are made available to you freely and I hope that visitors find them interesting and useful.Guatemala

My personal interests are diverse and include running (marathon PB: 3:47:52; half-marathon PB: 1:37:47), photography, philosophy, Buddhist psychology, and writing. I live in Toronto with my partner Farrell Macdonald (a real estate broker).

This year we joined Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala for a Global Villages Healthy City Build. We worked with families to construct stoves that vented to the outdoors and had a wonderful time making new acquaintances while working in Comalapa.

I must emphasize that this website does not provide legal advice. This website is not associated with and does not represent the views of any of my clients. If you require legal advice, please seek the services of a licensed legal services provider in your jurisdiction. Please do not solicit legal advice through this website.

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