Using the Criminal Code to Require News Media to “Un-Publish” Fails

In Canada, s. 486.4(2.1) of the Criminal Code to make an order protecting a victim of a crime from having any information that could identify the victim from being “published in any document or broadcast or transmitted in any way.”… Read More ›

Wait, Canada Doesn’t Rule the Internet?

Remember that worldwide injunction the Supreme Court of Canada upheld against Google? See Worldwide Injunction OK’d by SCC. Well, round four just started. This time in the United States. The Supreme Court of Canada is not the last court of… Read More ›

Worldwide Injunction OK’d By SCC

“You don’t have the power to do that.” That’s a hard argument to make to a judge. It is an even harder argument to make before the nine judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. That’s essentially what Google needed… Read More ›