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Negotiating Cloud Contract Security Provisions

Cloud Vendor Responsibility for Security

Why won’t my cloud vendor take full responsibility for security?

Negotiating Breach Notification clauses

Why is my vendor refusing to commit to notify me?

Leveraging the GDPR for Canadian Negotiations

Use of EU Data Processing Agreements in Canada

Your vendor has a Data Processing Agreement for the EU. Do you need one for Canada?

Data Processing Agreement contents

What should Canadian data processing agreements cover?

My vendor sent me Standard Contractual Clauses

As a Canadian company, do I need EU Standard Contractual Clauses?

Worrying about Intellectual Property

What is a Combination Claims exclusion?

Why should I care about combination claims exclusions?

Data Breaches

What types of Data Breaches need to be reported?

When are breaches reportable in Canada?

Do we have to report a Non-Sensitive Data Breach?

But the data wasn’t sensitive, do I still need to report

Cookies and Canada

Worrying about Cookie banners

Do I need a cookie banner in Canada?