Genetic Non-Discrimination Act

Genetic non-discrimination as a privacy issue

The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal regarding the constitutionality of Canada’s Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNDA) on October 10, 2019. The GNDA was one of the rare private members’ bills to be passed by Parliament with support across… Read More ›

Genetic discrimination laws: Where is Canada?

On Tuesday, I wrote about the use of evidence of genetic predisposition in Canadian disability law. In this post, I examine where Canada stands on genetic discrimination. Federal and provincial governments in Canada have slowly expanded the list of characteristics… Read More ›

Genetic predisposition and the law

This spring, concerns that Canadians may be inadequately protected against genetic discrimination bubbled up again. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on a commentary in the Canadian Medical Association Journal warning of risks if Canada’s Genetic Non-Discrimination Act was overturned. The… Read More ›

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