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Steering facial recognition regulation away from the product

The last few months have been interesting. Two of the leading purveyors of facial recognition technology (Microsoft and Amazon Web Services) have all but admitted that the technology is not yet suitable for unsupervised automated decision-making. Apparently, humans are still… Read More ›

Privacy, data localization and the USMCA

Any hopes by privacy advocates of stronger data localization requirements for Canada have been dashed by the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA). The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) achieved its objectives on data localization for the renegotiation of the North… Read More ›

IoT security defects – are stronger consumer protection remedies required?

October is cybersecurity awareness month. So where are we in Canada on IoT security? The answer is that legal requirements are lagging technological developments. Although there have been some regulatory activity, it is slow-moving and consumers still do not have… Read More ›

Chasing the Autonomous Vehicle – International Trade Matters

What influence will the United States have on the public policy choices available to federal and provincial governments in Canada regarding autonomous and connected vehicles? That issue was not explored in any depth in the Canadian Senate’s important report on… Read More ›

Biometrics – Who’s aggrieved in Illinois?

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act set off a wave of private litigation in the United States. The Act establishes a private right of action for any person “aggrieved” by a violation of the Act, which regulates how private entities collect,… Read More ›

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