Waterfront Toronto

Possible purposes for a smart city public digital stewardship

Sidewalk Labs (a Google affiliate) asserted in a blog post accompanying its October 15, 2018 smart city draft governance proposal that the Sidewalk Toronto project at Quayside “can set a new model for responsible data use in cities – anchored… Read More ›

Two questions the Doug Ford government should ask Waterfront Toronto

The smart city data governance and intellectual property issues facing  Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs are complex. Recently, I have been throwing out a few questions and thoughts about this project. In this post, I’m offering two questions that Ontario’s… Read More ›

Three questions that Waterfront Toronto should ask Sidewalk Labs

Google-affiliate Sidewalk Labs continues to press its vision for a “civic data trust” to govern data collected from its Sidewalk Toronto project (assuming the project goes ahead). Here are three questions, Waterfront Toronto should be asking Sidewalk Labs. 1. Why… Read More ›

Will Sidewalk Labs’ civic data trust hush critics of Waterfront Toronto?

On October 18, 2018, Sidewalk Labs (a Google affiliate) proposed its vision for digital governance of the data created through the implementation of a Master Innovation and Development Plan with Waterfront Toronto for a mixed-use community along the Lakeshore in… Read More ›

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